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From ads set to Click to message (CTM Ads) on both Facebook Customers therefore and Instagram, sometimes we may have to switch apps to respond to customers. Which looks very chaotic. Looking for a system to integrate chat and help manage our store more systematically is important! Page365 is an order management system. And you can combine customer chats from Facebook and Instagram in one place. Stores don’t have to switch apps. Don’t be afraid that the message will disappear. And there is a chatbot that can automatically reply to messages. Customers therefore do not have to wait for a long time for an answer, even if we are not in front of the computer at that time.

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Page365 online store management system Online store management system including chat Middle East Phone Number List on Facebook and Instagram SIGN UP FOR PAGE365 5. Always test advertising repeatedly to find the right customers. Finally, if you want to know which ads get good results. Pimploen recommends Create click-to-message ads and view many posts frequently. Pimploen recommends testing the creation of ads from different target groups as well. To see which target group gets better results And can generate sales. With the Page365 system , online sellers can download customer information to create custom audiences on Facebook Ads Manager.

Online sellers can download customer information

Let’s share videos and photos. Have a clear, concise Afghanistan Phone Number message and CTA (Call to action) buttons inviting customers to click like “send message” or “chat now.” We also need to actively monitor the results of creating click to message ads in Faccebook Ads Manager, and repeat this as needed to drive more conversations with customers. and change from customers who just chat to customers who order more. Okay!! This time, even new online traders who want to add and have customers chat with us. Are you ready to use these highly effective tools along with the Page365 system? Don’t wait. Start using it today!How-To shoot your IG account past your target. Beginners can do it.


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