What is digital transformation and how important is it today?

Digital transformation is one of the top concerns of technology businesses in Vietnam. The Vietnamese Government also pays special attention to the issue of digital transformation. In the 4.0 industrial revolution and assigned the Ministry of Information and Communications to develop a National Digital Transformation Project and submit. The Project to the Prime Minister in 2019. . So what is digital transformation and how important is it in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution? What is digital transformation? It is difficult to have a clear and specific definition of digital transformation. Because the process of applying digital transformation will be different in each different field.

Digital transformation plays an important role

In the 4.0 Industrial Revolution However, to be able to define it briefly and easily, digital transformation (Digital Transformation in English) is the integration of digital technologies into all areas of a business, taking advantage of technology to fundamentally change the way a business Job Function Email List operates. Its business model, and provide new values ​​to its customers as well as speed up business activities. Digital transformation is also a change in the culture of businesses, requiring businesses to constantly change, test new things and comfortably accept failures. In Vietnam, the concept of “Digital Transformation” is often understood as the process of changing from a traditional business model to a digital business by applying new technology such as Big Data, Internet for of things (IoT), cloud computing (Cloud)… to change operating methods, leadership, work processes, and company culture.

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Not only does it play an important role in businesses

but digital transformation also plays an important role in other areas of society such as government, mass media, medicine, science… “Digital Transformation” can easily be confused with the concept of “Digitizing”. To distinguish these two concepts, it can be understood that “Digitization” is the process Afghanistan Phone Number of modernizing and converting conventional systems to digital systems (such as converting from paper documents to electronic files). Computers, digitization of television, switching from analog broadcasting to digital broadcasting…). Meanwhile, Digital transformation” is exploiting data obtained from the digitalization process, then applying technologies to analyze, transform that data and create newer values. “Digitalization” can be viewed as part of the “Digital Transformation” process.


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